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With over 20 years of engineering and manufacuring experience, we will fulfill your motion needs from start to finish.

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Dashpots | Snubbers | Motion Damping Applications | Self-Aligning Actuators | Airpel Anti-Stiction Cylinders | Airpel Plus Cylinders | Airpel-AB Cylinders

Airpot's on Accurate Force Pneumatics has led to products that can be found in designs spanning the full range of sophistication and complexity—from high tech equipment such as DNA analyzers, nanometer-precision polishing machines, and MRI-compatible medical robots, to Stirling engines, HVAC duct dampers, International Space Station exercise equipment, and even simple kitchen scales and lab animal testing mechanisms.

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Brushless Torque Motors | Brushless DC Motors | Brushless Servo Motors | Permanent-Magnet DC Motors | Brushless Slotless Precision Motors | Outer-Rotor Brushless DC Motors | Brushless Motor Drives | Modular Motion Controllers | Optical Encoders | Gearmotors | Gearboxes | Transaxles | Powered Wheels

Allied Motion designs and manufactures high quality motion control products specifically designed to meet the demands of a range of applications and industries. From durable brush DC motors for commercial equipment to sophisticated servo motors, drives and encoders for precision machinery, Allied Motion engineers always strive to achieve the best performing products at the best price to help our customers "change the game."

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Steppers | The EZStepper | EZ Inch Stepper Driver | Intelli-INCH Stepper Driver | EZController | StepperStick | Servos | The EZServo | EZServo Controller | EZ Piezo Servo | ServoStick | StarterKits | Software

AllMotion manufactures Stepper Drives, Stepper Controllers, Servo Drives and Servo Controllers. There products are some of the most compact Intelligent Stepper Motor Drives and Stepper Motor Controllers on the market today.

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Power PMAC | Machine & Motion Controllers | Modular Rack Systems | Integrated Controller-Amplifiers | MACRO Ring Products | Amplifiers | Software | CNC Solutions | Accessories

Delta Tau's products have been used by several thousand companies worldwide, including industries such as, robotics, semiconductor manufacturing, machine tools, medical, packaging equipment, entertainment, energy, military, scientific research and more.

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Electromechanical Clutches | Electromechanical Brakes

Thomson has a long history of manufacturing quality clutches and brakes. Their roots are firmly planted in brand names such as Deltran, API (American Precision Industries), and Warner PSI bringing over 100 years of combined manufacturing experience. Deltran joined Danaher Motion in March 2000, followed in July 2000 by the acquisition of Warner PSI. The Genuine Wrap Spring and electromagnetic friction products were later combined under the Deltran name within the Thomson family.

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Controllers & Drivers | LS-Series Valves | S2 Positioning Systems | ASG-1 Signal Source

Enfield Technologies has been providing advanced automation control solutions since 1991. Their systems are built into the processing, assembly, testing, and packaging machinery for some of the best known manufacturers in the world.

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Brush & Brushless Motors | Industrial Custom Motors | Military & Aerospace | Linear Actuators | Rotary Actuators | DC/AC Blowers | Limited Rotation Torques | Tachometer Generators | Commercial Cooling

Globe Motors designs, manufactures, and distributes precision, subfractional horsepower motors and motorized devices throughout the world. Motion control assemblies can be designed to increase durability, reduce weight, decrease size, lower cost, or any other requirement based on your design criteria.

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Miniature Iron Core DC Motors | Miniature Coreless DC Motors | Slotless Brushless DC Motors

Global Motion Products (GMP) provides quality professional products and procurement for small drive systems.

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Standard Couplings | Custom Couplings | U-Joints | Make Your Part Flexible | Machined Springs

Helical has over 50 years of experience designing and producing Flexures for use in products ranging from encoders to spacecraft. Helical’s many products are cost-effective and versatile.

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Standard Solenoids | Specialty Solenoids | Voice Coils | Electromagnets | Custom | Hydraulic Solenoids | Bi-Directional Solenoids | HAZ-LOC® Solenoids | SPOOL LOCK® Solenoids

Lean manufacturing and vertical integration provide Magnet-Schultz of America (MSA) with the flexibility to manufacture Solenoids and Electromagnetic products to meet ever-changing technical and commercial requirements, and provide total-customer service.

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LMB Guides | Rolled Ball Screws | Linear Bearings | Self Aligning Linear Bearings | Ball Slide Units | Cam Followers | Precision Ground Ball Screws | Linear Shafts | Precision Feed Screws

TSK was established in 1964, the year the linear motion (direct driven type) bearing was introduced to Japan. Since the start of production, their constant research and development has established them as an industry leader.