GMP, Miniature Motors

Global Motion Products (GMP) provides quality professional products and procurement for small drive systems by harnessing “select” quality vendors worldwide. Their channel partners offer multiple core competences and technologies, and they are able to integrate these into their miniature drive products.

Miniature Iron Core DC Motors

  • 45 mm Metal Planetary Gearmotors – 12 Volts-Ball-Sleeve ( PDF )
  • 12mm diam Planetary Gearmotors ( PDF )

Miniature Coreless DC Motors

Coreless dc motors, also know as slotless, ironless, basket wound, or cup motors, offer numerous features and benefits that differentiate them from iron core or slotted dc motors relatives.

The GMP Series of Coreless DC Motors offer designers the option to use coreless dc motors in designs that formerly could not afford coreless motors due to the significantly more expensive options then available.

These coreless dc motors are a lower cost ironless motor solution to applications such as disposable Medical Devices, Diaphragm pumps, and electric locks, to name a few. Zero cogging coreless dc motors usually are the ideal solution to power consumption sensitive and electrical noise intolerant applications. Their low inductance and lack of magnetic side loading of their bearings results in, all relevant factors the same or similar, to superior brush and bearing life to an iron core dc motor

GMP offers coreless dc motors are offered in a variety of diameters, windings and body lengths. Diameters range from the diminutive 4 mm to a very robust 62 mm diameter motor, with continuous output powers of some in excess of 300 Watts.

Options include 3 channel optical encoders, high torque planetary and quiet running spur gearboxes. Both precious metal and graphite commutation is offered. Custom assemblies and actuators utilizing them are also within our capability.

Slotless Brushless DC Motors

Slotless Brushless DC Motors, also know as Surface Wound Brushless DC Motors, are free of cogging and have low inductance and electrical time constant. The use of High Energy Neodymium Boron Iron Magnets gives high power to Volume and Weight Ratios while the inner rotating rotor configuration makes for a very short mechanical time constant and superior power dissipation. They range from the diminutive 8mm diameter sensorless version up to 43 mm diameter versions. In our Slotted Brushless offering we offer sizes up to 110 mm square with mechanical powers exceeding 1,200 Watts. RoHS compliance is the norm.

Sensorless, Hall Effect Transducer equipped, and Integral Drive Electronics are available. Not all options are available in the wide range of diameters and lengths offered.

Applications include, but are not limited to: Powered surgical hand tools, electrically powered aircraft such as unmanned aircraft (UAV), Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV), electric powered files, professional nail care, dental laboratory tools, woodcarving tools, electronic debriding devices, dental hygienists, drilling, infusion pumps, air moving devices, direct-drive turntables, liquid pumping applications, and a multitude of optical and scanning applications.

You’ll find brushless dc motors in the hands of surgeons, doctors, manicurists, artists, jewelers, gunsmiths, tool and die makers, dental lab technicians, audiophiles and being remotely controlled by surveillance, military, law enforcement professional and hobbyists, to name a few. Fundamentally Slotless Brushless DC motors are employed anywhere small size, light weight, long life, high speed, smooth rotation, and/or high power is needed.